Rimfire II

Do you also want to experience the “silent shooting”?
Our Rimfire II 22 mounted on a .22LR with subsonic ammunition makes shooting almost
completely silent.
Or maybe it’s that you have a .17HMR whose nasty bang needs to be tamed – then you’ve found the right silencer for Rimfire II cal. 17!

*Up to 25 dB noise reduction with caliber 17(.17HMR)

Noise reduction: Up to 25 dB sound reduction*
Caliber: .17 HMR, .22 LR
Weight: 185 g
Recommended price: €109,95
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Rimfire II is a compact, muzzle-mounted, silencer designed to be used with any Rimfire cartridge on the market. Available in .17 and .22 calibres. Rimfire rounds are notoriously dirty and it is critical to have a silencer that not only performs, but is also very easy to maintain. A unique feature of the Rimfire II silencer is the “monocore” design which makes cleaning extremely easy.
Rimfire II cal. 22 provides excellent sound reduction on all .22 calibres. When firing with a .22 LR Subsonic round, the sound is reduced to levels where you can virtually only hear the mechanism of the rifle.
Rimfire II cal. 17 takes down the nasty crack from a .17HMR to a level which your ears are going to love!

Noise reduction

Up to 25 dB sound reduction*


.17 HMR, .22 LR


185 g


150 mm

Construction length in front of the barrel

135 mm


33 mm

Max barrel diameter

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One of the big advantage of the Rimfire II is the ease of cleaning, as the usually large amount of shooting with e.g. .22LR tends to dirty up the interior of the silencer considerably.
Open the damper by unscrewing the top cover and then unscrewing the regulator as per the video clip above.
Use weapon solvent or silencer cleaner and clean with, for example, a toothbrush, then lubricate the threads with thread paste and screw together.

– Frequently asked questions

Our team is always ready to give you the best service and answer questions. Many of the questions in connection with silencer purchase/use can be found in our FAQ.

If there is anything missing – email or call and we will help you!

What is the the difference between Triton Number and Triton II silencers?

As a short summary, Triton Numbers are more efficient, shorter, lighter and even more durable compared to previous Triton-series.

1. Triton Numbers and Triton II rear and front parts are NOT compatible.
2. Threads and barrel diameter!
Standard: Threads from 1/2″ up to M15x1 for barrels with diameter up to Max 19,5mm.
Varmint: Threads above M15x1 up to M18x1 are for barrels with diameter over 19,5mm and up to Max 23mm.
2. Triton Numbers has an integrated “Blast Chamber” in Stainless steel.
3. Triton 4, 5 and 6 has an improved “First Round Pop” reduction system.

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