Triton No.6i – Ultra Performance

Is your focus wild boar hunting at night or do you belong to the group that shoots with the more powerful calibers – then the Triton No. 6i the obvious choice for you!
With a substantial volume and the Shooting Unlimited features, you have everything you could ask for in a silencers for these uses.

* Up to 34 dB noise reduction with caliber 30 (300 Win Mag)

Noise reduction: Up to 34 dB sound reduction*
Caliber: .308, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 6,5x55, 8x57 JS, 9.3x62
Weight: 470 g
Recommended price: €459
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Triton No. 6i – Ultra Performance is the most efficient silencers in the Triton Numbers range and delivers top class performance even on the more powerful calibers.
With the same moderate build length as the Triton No. 5i then Triton No. 6i, is the favorite for high seat hunting and wild boar hunting at night.

Optimized for caliber .300 Win Mag but is of course effective on .308, 30.06 and all Magnum calibers.

Reversible Neoprene cover (black/camo) for hunting included!

Noise reduction

Up to 34 dB sound reduction*

Construction length in front of the barrel

130 mm


.308, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 6,5×55, 8×57 JS, 9.3×62


56 mm


240 mm

Max barrel diameter

19,5/23 mm


470 g

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The Triton silencers are designed to require the least possible maintenance. However, there are a few things that are particularly important to note:Always remove the silencer from the weapon after hunting/shooting and let it dry/ventilate at room temperature. We recommend that the front is unscrewed and that the threads are cleaned and lubricated so that they do not stick. Normally this is the only cleaning needed.A more thorough cleaning may be done if the front does not come off smoothly or if there is gunpowder buildup inside the silencer. Clean the threads with weapon solvent and allow to dry. Cleaning the inside of the suppressor is preferably done with silencer cleaner available from your gun dealer. After cleaning – let dry and lubricate threads, after which the silencer is screwed back together.Avoid lubricants that contain metal, such as copper paste or similar.Always protect the weapon’s thread with a thread protector when the silencer is not in use.

ATTENTION! Never use ultrasonic cleaning as this can damage the silencer’s surface coating.
NOTE! If the threads become stuck, the warranty cannot be invoked.

– Frequently asked questions

Our team is always ready to give you the best service and answer questions. Many of the questions in connection with silencer purchase/use can be found in our FAQ.

If there is anything missing – email or call and we will help you!

What is the the difference between Triton Number and Triton II silencers?

As a short summary, Triton Numbers are more efficient, shorter, lighter and even more durable compared to previous Triton-series.

1. Triton Numbers and Triton II rear and front parts are NOT compatible.
2. Threads and barrel diameter!
Standard: Threads from 1/2″ up to M15x1 for barrels with diameter up to Max 19,5mm.
Varmint: Threads above M15x1 up to M18x1 are for barrels with diameter over 19,5mm and up to Max 23mm.
2. Triton Numbers has an integrated “Blast Chamber” in Stainless steel.
3. Triton 4, 5 and 6 has an improved “First Round Pop” reduction system.

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