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About us

We coworkers at aimSport are driven by our common interest in hunting and our desire and commitment to give our users the best possible experience when using our products. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions that the store cannot answer.

Our journey started in 2011

Due to a number of unforeseen events, the hunters and former colleagues Bertil Rydergren and Christer Svensson decided to start aimSport Sweden AB in 2011

Initially, the plan was quite “broad” – to develop hunting accessories that give the hunter a better hunting experience – but pretty soon they decided to develop silencers and the rest is, as they say, history…

Milestones in our history

Spring of 2011

aimRest - Product idea
Bertil Rydergren had nurtured an idea for a flexible portable support for stable shooting for some time and it was this idea that later became the basis for the company aimSport Sweden AB to be formed.

7th of july in 2011

aimSport was founded

The company aimSport is formed and at the time of formation, a third minority owner was part of the ownership picture. As a small and newly started company without an entrepreneurial background, you had to start from scratch with company rules, accounting and other things that belong to the business.

5th of december in 2011

aimRest is launched – and a patent is granted!
AimRest gave the user the freedom to be at hand “hands-free” when a safe shot was to be fired and also had an attachment for an Astro 220 holder that was sold as an accessory.

See the first video about aimRest here: aimRest, sight support when hunting and shooting – YouTube

aimRest stopped being manufactured in 2014 as since that date we have focused on silencers.

15th of december in 2011

Our first international distributor
Oddly enough, it was a company in Holland that became our first distributor. Within a couple of months, the crowd had grown to a handful who started selling aimRest in the various markets.

9th of march in 2012

First year as an exhibitor at IWA

“If you don’t dare, you don’t win! “
Despite the company’s small size, the need to quickly get out on the international stage was identified. The best place for this is of course the IWA in Nuremberg, where the industry meets for a four-day international fair. Thanks to exhibiting and finding partners at this event, aimRest got off to a flying start internationally.

17th of may in 2012

The first silencers are shown for the Swedish hunting corps
After a few months of intensive development of aimZonic Compact and aimZonic Predator, these are premiered at the Swedish Game Fair in Tullgarn. Great interest and a clear signal that this product area was really worth investing in!
After a short time, we also received a patent for these silencers!

5th of February in 2013

Launch of aimZonic Cyclone
aimSport’s first telescopic silencer that more importantly put us on the map as a more complete silencer manufacturer.

11th of june in 2014

Launch of the Triton series. Patent granted!
The unique combination of aluminum exterior and stainless steel interior proved to be an appreciated novelty on the market, combining the best of two worlds – light weight and heat-resistant interior for mass shooting.

In march of 2016

New facilities

aimSport moves to new facilities in Ulricehamn, Sweden.

In April of 2016

Launch of our first silencer for Rimfire cartridges such as .22LR and .17 HMR

In April of 2020

Launch of Triton Numbers
Launch of Triton Numbers – the efficient range that makes it easy to find the right product for your application.

With manufacturing in Sweden

Since the silencer is part of a weapon system, it is incredibly important that both component production and final assembly take place with the highest accuracy. With production in Sweden, we can easily follow all parts of the product so that it delivers performance to the customer. Before delivery, we check the products to see that they meet our requirements for, among other things, linearity – all in all, this results in a 5-year warranty on the Triton series!