Product guide

Which silencer is the best fit for me?

Knowing which silencer is best for you can seem complicated. Our product guide helps you find the right one based on your expectations and main hunting style.

Switch between the images on the right and you will see different hunting forms and their descriptions - then click on to see our product selection for the selected hunting form.

Type of hunting

Spot- & stalking

In these types of hunting, silencers are often preferred that provide the best possible performance in terms of both noise and recoil reduction, as well as for the spot hunter a maximum reduction of the muzzle flash - invaluable when hunting at dusk for example, wild boar.

Type of hunting

Driven hunt

Here, it is often flexibility and mobility that are in focus. You are prepared to compromise a little with the ultimate performance in these hunting forms, as you know that optimal balance in the weapon and shortest build length and flexibility are in focus.

Type of hunting

All round

The all-round hunter is probably our most common hunting type in Sweden. They carry out varied hunting on everything from hunting of roebuck to drive hunting of elk and spot hunting of wild boar. Maybe you also are hunting with your dog? Here, it is important to find the perfect that delivers performance in the various forms of hunting.

Product recommendation for

Spot – & stalking

As you often use relatively high-magnification scopes for these types of hunting, the diameter of the silencer plays less of a role as it will barely be visible in the scope.

For calibers from .30-06 and up, our recommendation here is the Triton No.6i that maximizes all the qualities that are appreciated in these forms of hunting. If you use calibers in the 6.5×55 and .308 class, Triton No.5i the given choice as it delivers performance in the same class as the Triton No.6i when using these calibers.

Advantages of Triton No.6i are:

  • Extreme noise reduction

  • Basically total elimination of muzzle flash

  • The best recoil reduction of the Triton series
Product recommendation for

Driven hunt

As you often use relatively low-magnification scopes in this type of hunting, you want to minimize the diameter of the silencer for the largest field of view, even with 1x magnification or using a red dot sight.

For calibers 6.5×55 and .308Win, here is the given choice Triton No.4i that meets these requirements and still provides an noise reduction of 28dB (.308Win) despite it’s compact format!
Many hunters with stronger calibers also prefer the Triton No.4i for these forms of hunting, but you should be aware that you risk ending up in a level of attenuation that is not recommended without the use of hearing protection.

Advantages of Triton No.4i are:

  • Short construction length
  • Small diameter that does not disturb the sight picture even when using only a red dot sight
  • Maintained rifle balance
Product recommendation for

All round

Here, it is common to find magnification levels on the reticles in the “middle register”. This means that you can advantageously choose silencers with a 49mm diameter on slightly stronger calibers as they will not significantly “disrupt” the sight picture.

For calibers 6.5×55, .308Win, 30.06, .300 Win Mag, 8×57 and 9.3×62, here is our recommendation Triton No.5i. Here you get noise reduction that provides a residual noise level at the ear of 136dB (9.3×62) or significantly better, that provides substantial recoil reduction and that is still perceived as moderate for its size. If you hunt with finer calibers such as .222/.223, then your choice of silencer should be Triton No.4i.

Advantages of Triton No.5i are:

  • Noise reduction in the top class
  • High performance muzzle flash reduction/elimination
  • The best all-round damper in the Triton range