Neoprene cover

aimSport neoprene protection is perfect when you are hunting and want to prevent unwanted noises if you happen to hit branches or perhaps the hunting tower. In addition, the neoprene cover protects the finish of the muffler.

The neoprene cover is available in three different sizes – Triton No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5/6.

The neoprene cover is reversible and has a camo pattern on one side and is flat black on the other – choose the side depending on the situation.

ATTENTION! Never use neoprene protection during intensive practice shooting – it can damage both the neoprene protection and the silencer due to the heat development from the silencer!

Recommended price: €17

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What is the the difference between Triton Number and Triton II silencers?

As a short summary, Triton Numbers are more efficient, shorter, lighter and even more durable compared to previous Triton-series.

1. Triton Numbers and Triton II rear and front parts are NOT compatible.
2. Threads and barrel diameter!
Standard: Threads from 1/2″ up to M15x1 for barrels with diameter up to Max 19,5mm.
Varmint: Threads above M15x1 up to M18x1 are for barrels with diameter over 19,5mm and up to Max 23mm.
2. Triton Numbers has an integrated “Blast Chamber” in Stainless steel.
3. Triton 4, 5 and 6 has an improved “First Round Pop” reduction system.

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